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Welcome to my Annecy Blog!

Les Grandes Médièviales d'Andilly

If you wish to go back 700 years ago, visit and enjoy the "Grandes médièviales" on May 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st and 22nd! This year will be their 20th anniversary! Andilly is a small village between Annecy and Geneva. You will find there over 500 artists and a thousand of extras: horse joust, trick riding, bird of prey show, fights, middle age tale, magic shows, musical concerts.... All this, in a medieval forest with farms, workshops, Cour des Miracles, Vikings camps.... On your way, you will meet some troubadours, acrobats, fairies, fortune tellers, sorceres, warriors.... For more information http://www.lepetitpays.com/les-grandes-medievales

Au Bureau

Ok not for the best local food, but the best English Pub in Annecy with a French touch of course! Au Bureau has a few restaurants all over France, they just opened one in Annecy, near the train station! You will find the usual English pub food (finger food, burgers, meats...) but you can also try the Baked camembert or the Welsh Royal (specialities from North of France). Also lovely beer tasting and nice Mojitos! The atmosphere is really nice and the staff very efficient and friendly! Better to book in advance! For more information: http://au-bureau.fr/index.php

Cows and Goats of Savoie

In order to make those lovely local cheeses we have some local and rustic animals who will be fine in the mountains hills. They also need to be ok with the alpine weather even if they are staying inside the farms during winter. They can climb in the beautiful hills in order to find the best food for them. * L'Abondance From the Abondance valley, color Acajou but white head, legs, belly and tale. It often has some kind of brown glasses around her eyes which protects her from the sun. It is the emblem of the Reblochon and Abondance cheese. * La Montbéliarde This cow is from Jura but can also be found in the North Alps and Massif Central. It is white with brown stains. * La Tarine From the Tare

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