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Welcome to my Annecy Blog!

Old Town Roofs

From the Castle, you can down different ways and enjoy the view on the city! You can realize that the Castle was protecting the city and the view from there is beautiful! Here are a few photos, taken with my mobile, not the best but just to give you an idea!!

Annecy Castle Museum

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the Museum, it is a nice place to visit on a rainy day and still interesting but I just wish it would be more medieval orientated. I find that the modern art exhibition is a bit strange but maybe it is because I do not undersand it.. However they are improving with "La vie de château" exhibition. For more informations, please check for the opening hours http://musees.agglo-annecy.fr/eng The Annecy Museum, which was created in 1842, was first established in the Town Hall and the Palais de l’Ile before it was set up in the Castle in 1961. It offers visitors the possibility to explore a rich regional heritage. The Annecy Castle was listed as a Historical M

Fête du Vieux Seynod

Every year on the first week end of September there is a big traditional party in the Old Seynod (top of the city near the cemetery around the beautiful Church St Martin). The party starts on Saturday afternoon with some music followed by a firework then it continues all Sunday. On Sunday you can have a traditional lunch and at 15h there is parade with dressed up people. It is organized by the volunteers of "Les Amis du Vieux Seynod". There you can buy some tradional food (black pudding, bread baked in old oven, bugnes, génépi beer, tomme blanche, potatoes donuts, cider....) You also find people showing the old jobs of before, a mini farm, some games, people singing old songs... It is perfec

Eco Bivouac Semnoz

Last week end I went to the "Eco Bivouac village in Semnoz" and it is such a lovely relaxing place! They are open during the summer or the winter (bivouac + igloos). You could spend the evening there, enjoy the activities (snow walking, astronomy, listen to accordion....) and the diner and then go back home or spend the night there. The bivouac are quite confortables but of course you do not have all the luxury you can find in town, but it makes it even more charming! The bivouacs have a transparent roof so you can see the stars and the sky! Each one also have a fire place, a terrasse, a solar light, a confortable matress (but you must bring your duvet or rent one). The bivouacs are all aour

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