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Welcome to my Annecy Blog!

Ramoneur Savoyard

You might have seen this little doll in souvenir shops. In the XIX century, the ramoneurs from Savoie were traveling all over France to work and escape the poverty here. Chimney sweeping was not well paid, but the families had many children and they had to accept it. They were usually departing on Saint Gras day (September 7th) and coming back home the next year at spring. Kids were starting from 6 years old and were following their Master on the French roads. Because they were young and small they could go and clean inside the chimney. They were bringing with them a marmot doll to remind them of home, they were also using it to get some tips. They were working every day 14 hours. If they wa

Autumn photos of Roc de Chère and Menthon St Bernard Castle

I am sorry for the quality of the photos but I am not a professional photographer and I am only using my mobile to share this moment with you. If you want more informations about those 2 places please check my previous posts about them. Below the photos of Roc de Chère Below photos of Menthon St Bernard Castle

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