Why my business is called Taxi Massingy?

In order to be a taxi driver, I had to do a 2 months training and get a "diploma" then I needed to have a licence in a village or city. My grand parents living in Massingy, I first thought about this lovely village and the mayor nicely helped me to settle my business there.

This village has about 900 inhabitants and the "chef lieu" is 500 m high and if sunny has a beautiful view on Mont Blanc and the Alps.

It is 25 km away from Annecy, 20 km from Aix-les-Bains and 5 km from Rumilly.

It is a wonderful place to walk or ride your bike, you have few paths to explore ( www.hautesavoie-rando.fr/displayFiche.php?id=684__ )

At the "Mollard" you have a small chappelle and an orientation table which gives you the name of the mountains you can see.

Do not miss the "Cha'lait gourmand" ( www.lechalaitgourmand.com) at "Reculet" where you can buy the local cheese, cold cuts, the local pâté, bread etc

They can put everything in a vaccum bag so you can bring it back home!

If you are going to Aix-les-Bains after or the "Chautagne area" you can go through "col de la Chambotte", it is really a narrow road but the view on the top is fantastic!

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Taxi Massingy Autorisation de stationnement n°1 à Massingy

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