Morels time!!!

The morel is to my point of view the best mushroom, so much flavour!

I should not tell you but the season is starting!!! For me, it is a tradition every year, even a competition with my Dad...nobody will tell you exactly where to find them exactly, it is a well kept secret but here are a few tips!

Of course, you have to go somewhere in the country side, the season is starting when the forest is waking up from winter and we have no more freezing nights....Usually in our area it is begining end of March/April...

You will find them in a forest maybe next to a river or under apple trees.

The morel likes to suffer, it is usually found where the earth has been burned, when the previous summer has been extemely hot or winter really cold...

Wear some clothes that will cover all the body and after your walk check that you do not have any ticks (they like humid weather like spring or fall).

Make sure you are picking up the right morel (you can always go to a pharmacy to be sure), and it needs to be cooked at least 15 min (to kill a toxin which is inside).

It is delicious with cream and port on a lovely piece of bread!

Or you can keep it for next Christmas dinner and use it for a special meal!

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