Descente des Alpages

Descente des Alpages is every year on the second Saturday of October.

It is a traditional celebration to welcome back the animals in Annecy (after spending the summer months in the mountains).

The old town is busy with défilé of animals (cows, horses with their bells, sheeps, goose, St Bernard dogs, goats, donkeys....).

Also you will find local craft, local food (fresh apple juice, cheese...), folkloric groups and orchestras.

It is also a good way to discover the old local jobs and way of life.

Enjoy the photos taken by a friend Cédric (Merci!)

Le Ramoneur Savoyard (chimney sweep) was at the time famous all over France, you will probably find some in souvenirs shops as it is a happy local emblem. The Ramoneurs where taking kids "Petit Ramoneur" all over France to work in the cities.

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