Map according to Savoyards

This post is specially for Marty (my favourite Monchu)!

In Patois Savoyards, Monchus means Monsieur, but this was the nickname of the well dressed Parisians tourists.

This is a do not take it seriously...

Monchus sympas = nice people

Monchus attardés = mentally retarded person

niollus = slow, without energy

monchus qui boivent = tourists who drinks

vin dieu c't'accent qu'y a par là! = oh my God, they have a strong accent here!

voleurs de drapeaux = Swiss stole our flag!

mère patrie = mother country

copains = friends (Nice was given to France at the same time as Savoies)

joli par là = nice place here

monchus envahisseurs = invaders

monchus énervants = annoying monchus

cons = idiots

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