Lescheraines Pond & Lescheraines

Lescheraines is 30 km from Annecy, approximately 50 min drive, the most scenic route is to drive through Sévrier then up the mountain to Col de Leschaux (a favourite for cyclists).

Lescheraines is the meeting point of all the valleys of the Bauges. The vibrant village has a few shops and activites worth the detour.

Lescheraines is in Savoie and 650m above sea level.

The pond is a perfect place to have a pique nique between the forest and a lake, you will find there a grass beach, a Restaurant bar, water slides, adventure in the trees, bungee...

Next to the pond, you will find the Chéran river which is excellent for fishing.

Do not hesitate to stop and buy the famous local Tome des Bauges cheese.

Also visit the "Chocolaterie Artisanale des Bauges" just outside Lescheraines village ( La Charniaz in Bellecombe en Bauges). You can enjoy local chocolate specialities (and see their workshop). They also make homemade ice creams (with milk from the Bauges).

The swimming pond above

The watersports sports pond above and below

The fishing bond above and below

Lovely hikes!

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