End of the Lake nature reserve

This is a small 84 hectare reserve in Doussard, which takes 1 to 2 hours to visit.

It is one of the rare examples of an alpine delta which functions naturally (marsh/meadow/forest) with a moving riverbed. This area has been protected since the Middle Ages, so that floods could be controlled.

The 2 rivers that cross the reserve, the Ire (anger) with a flow that can be violent, and the Eau Morte, which is quieter, change their beds as the years pass, which produces biodiversity.

And there is a slight odour of musk which marks out the territory of beavers, which have successfully been reintroduced.

The Old Tower of Beauvier is situated at the mouth of the Eau Morte river, this ruined tower is reputed to be haunted by spirits and fairies.

In 2001, there we could find 3 families of beavers in the reserve. They live at night, their dams are well organized, with big stones at the bottom to consolidate their work.

This reserve is perfect for a little walk with the family (dogs are not allowed).

Along the walk, you will find some useful informations about the birds, flowers, animals living in the area.

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