Tamié Abbey


Tamié Abbey (Abbaye de Tamié) is a Cistercian monastery, located in the Bauges mountain range in the Savoie region of France near Faverges at the end of Lake Annecy. It was founded in 1132, as a daughter house of Bonnevaux Abbey, by Peter of Tarentaise, who was also the first abbot.

It continues as a Trappist community of 30 monks, famous for its cheese, Abbaye de Tamié.

StartFragmentTamié cheese is pressed and molded in the form of a flat wheel of cheese with slightly convex edge. It is distinguished by the saffron colour of the crust that, in the final aging process, is covered with a light white down. The creamy soft cheese is even in texture, but with a slightly firmer centre. About 400 kg (880 lb) is produced each day from the milk of cows from 8 farms in the valley.EndFragment

During World War II, the monks were hiding resistants in the Abbey. Also 2 monks killed in Tibherine (Algeria) were from there.

The monks are following the rules of St Benôit, they sing 7 times a day. They have 27 rooms for those who want to join them in their praying or retreat.

Every day they produce 400kg of cheese which is their main revenue.

They also use the left over milk to make methane gas in order to have their own hot water.

If you visit the Abbey, you can also go to their boutique where you can buy cheese of course, books, products from other Abbeys....

It can be a lovely walk for the whole family, while there you can also visit the Seythenex Grotto and Waterfall.

For more information in French http://www.abbaye-tamie.com/


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